Sales Reps

Sales Online

Over the past several years things have been changing in the way we do sales and interact with the customers.   One of the major shift is the shift to the online community.   We have more and more customers that are buying things online and moving away from the traditional stores.   The other thing that has been happening is that we are moving away from traditional marketing and more to online world.   To help us transition to this kind of world and to ensure that we are maximizing this kind selling is that we need to have online sales reps that are interacting with the customers either in chat or other means to give them what the best products are to buy and which ones are on sell.   This kind of selling is what we need to embrace.    The best part of this is that we have the technology to do this and have a track record to show that we can help you sell your products.   The best part of all of this is that there is no investment or cost to you up front.  We just get on Social media and on the online platform and start to sell in your name.   The only kind of things that we would need from you is this like digital coupons  or a key to give them when they check out so we can track the amount of sales.   This will then lead us to how we get paid and it will be all part of the contract and will be based off of the value that we are adding to your company and if we do not sell then we do not get paid.   We will make sure that we are increasing your sales and doing it in a ethical and effective way.